Planning a hens night in Brisbane?

Brisbane is a great city to throw one hell of a party, but where do you start? Let us help you with our private hens venues and packages in the CBD. MIA HENS NIGHT PACKAGES BRISBANE


Need a Venue, Food & Beverage and Entertainment all in one?

Here at MIA we bring all your hens night needs into 3 or 4 different packages that will make your party 5 times easier to organise. Our deals start at $100p.p and will keep you and your guest happy with our all in inclusive packages.

Hens nights are great fun and Brisbane’s CBD is one of best places throw your hens night!

Hens Night Brisbane

Bachelorette parties have evolved over time, and while they still keep a few common elements like Male strippers and screaming girls. They now have Shirtless barman or Topless waiters to serve drinks.

They also consist of hens games and different activates like wineries and bus tours and Male strip clubs. The internet has definitely made it more accessible for women to browse the multiple options out there. A simple search of hens night Brisbane will bring up a range of things do to see and touch. This where MIA Hens night Brisbane come’s into play. We offer a huge amount off hens night packages for girls who are searching to have it all included in one ultimate bundle. The first thing in which girls planning a BACHELORETTE night needs to find is a Venue in Brisbane CBD.

 We offer what we believe to be the perfect venue for this type of occasion. With a great location and girl friendly atmosphere its a great place to take your bride to be to enjoy her night. Then comes food and beverages which can be quite a pain to get everyone to meet at the restaurant then have to shuffle the 30 chirping girls to a bar. In out BACHELORETTE packages we include the Venue and Food and Beverages. Not but far from the least comes entertainment. This is where we shine, MIA or Men in Action is well know in qld for its hunky Topless waiters and Male strippers, so you are bound to get quality entertainment. You can Visit out Waiters at: or to see what you can expect on the hens.

Get in touch to book: 0431 431 994

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